Thursday, February 03, 2005

Back from Houston, Back to the Grind

So the Houston trip was terrific, all in all, although the weather was miserable, non-stop. Rained its ass off the whole way there, the whole time we were there, and the entire trip back. So glad we picked a hotel with an indoor pool -- it definitely made the whole thing a bit more fun.

Hit the Houston Museum of Natural Science on Tuesday, which was cool. Saw an IMAX movie about the coral reefs and Miranda is now very concerned. 6 years old and she's concerned about global warming, over fishing, and logging operations fogging the waters in areas of Fiji. Trevor, on the other hand, was far more intrigued by the film we saw at the planetarium regarding Huygen's-Cassini probe and Saturn.

Man, my kids rock.

So yeah, 2 days away, great time was had by all. And in a wonderful stroke of good furtune, upon returning I received a check from my mortgage company. seems we had some extra cash sitting in our escrow account, so they sent me a refund. The check nearly covered the total amount I spent on the trip. So cool! That should happen more. Like, say, 2 or 3 times a week.

And in a surprising personal life development, I've found that I actually kind of sort of enjoy ... karaoke. Well, computerized karaoke. I'm currently addicted to playing Karaoke Revolution on my Xbox.

Otherwsie, not much going on. I'm in some sort of hazy lull right now. No drive, neither particularly excited nor bored nor anything at all. Just sort of ... here. Maybe it's the weather. No idea.

Mood: Blase.
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Ray in New Orleans said...

My kids have a PS2 Karaoke game. I have to admit it's kind of weird seeing your 7-year-old son trying really hard to sing "Like A Virgin" well.