Sunday, February 13, 2005

Day Two in the House of Sick

Well, my fervent wishes and prayers that Christine's illness would be of the 24-hour variety went unanswered, as usual. She's still holed up in bed. Trevor's bug is working its way southward, and has manifested in an aggressive bout with diarrhea. For the parent's out there, let me explain that this is his first experience with real diarrhea, and as a result he is only slowly coming to grips with the shall-we-say "urgent nature" of the malady. He's gone through 4 sets of pajamas since about 6:00 last night, and I've had to deal with more shit in close-up Technicolor than I have since the diaper days.

Long night, although I managed to get a good amount of sleep in between the bathroom and ibuprofen patrol. Of course, it's gonna be another long day, so I think I'll keep a running account here for anyone who's interested. I'm getting pretty damn scruffy lookin' -- I'll snap a couple of pictures later for your amusement.

Miranda has been at Mom's for a sleepover, but Mom called last night at about 8 to let me know that she had simply konked out on the floor. Now, 8:00 is Miranda's bedtime, but a sleepover at Nana's is cause for excitement and the fact that she went to sleep so early is cause for concern. Now, of course, my mom doesn't have any children's meds at her place. And consdering that, if she's getting the bug everyone else has then a fever is imminent, I realized I needed to get some stuff for mom ASAP, just in case. Wound up having to run to the store and drop some ibuprofen syrup off at mom's after I managed to get Trevor down. What fun.


9:01 AM: As it turned out, though, Miranda didn't get sick. She must have just been tired. Instead, she got Mom up at 5:10 this morning. Better her than me, what can I say.

Watched "The Grudge" last night. Meh. Not nearly as spooky as "Ju-On," but just as incoherent.

More later.

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Ray in New Orleans said...

I'm the only one in our house who didn't get sick.