Wednesday, February 09, 2005

"I'd Hit It!" List

OK, picked this idea up from Karl's blog: An "I'd Hit It!" list.

Basically, the rules are name 10 celebrities with whom you'd really, really like to have sex. When you've posted the list to your journal (if you have one) then comment here with a link to your list. If you don't do the whole journal thing, just add your list here as a comment.

Scoring: Karl claimed there would be extra points for mixed sexes, so I've adjusted the rules for my list slightly. If you're bi, go ahead and mix it up in the list and name 11 names instead of 10. But if you're totally straight or totally gay, take advantage of the Desert Island pick for the extra point.

About the Desert Island Pick: Assume you are in a classic "situational team switch" situation -- desert island, no hope of rescue, one other person on the island with whom to indulge in some hanky-panky, and they happen to be same-sex (if you're straight) or opposite-sex (assuming you're a big ol' homo), then who would you prefer it to be?

And of course, if you're so freakin' repressed that you just simply can't fathom (or admit to the possibility) that given the right circumstances you might tell Kinsey to fuck himself and switch teams, then, well, no extra point for you! You will lose! Lose lose lose!!!

Anyway, here's my list -- in alphabetical order:

I'd Hit It!
  1. Angela Bassett (I've had this unbelievable crush on her ever since I saw "Strange Days")
  2. Monica Belluci (So freakin' hot it should be illegal)
  3. Marcia Cross (OK, that scene in "Desperate Housewives," where she shows up at her husband's hotel room in a fur and little else? Woof!)
  4. Sherilyn Fenn (Haven't seen her lookin' good lately -- she did a guest spot on Gilmore Girls last season and didn't look so hot, but she wasn't really supposed to. But in her Twin Peaks days I would literally get dizzy as the blood rushed from my head to... well... elsewhere)
  5. Lauren Graham (All I gotta say is "Fuck me Santa fuck me Santa fuck me Santa ...")
  6. Alison Hannigan (So hot, in that geeky way)
  7. Salma Hayek (No explanation necessary)
  8. Michelle Pfeiffer (More ten years ago than now, but she's still utterly gorgeous and is still in my marriage contract as my "Get Out of Guilt Free" celeb fuck, should the occasion present itself)
  9. Aishwarya Rai (The only woman on this list who is, possibly, almost too beautiful for me to even dream of having sex with. It would be like banging a Botticelli. I think I could muster the courage, though....)
  10. Catherine Zeta-Jones (just an all around gorgeous, gorgeous woman. But ever since she married Michael Douglas you just know she smells like "Grandpa Breath").
Desert Island Pick:

George Clooney or Heath Ledger. Now that's some fine lookin' gentlemen right there. Trapped on a desert island, no hope of rescue? A man could do worse.

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Karl Elvis said...

Hell, if I gottta pick a boy, I'm thinking Jude Law. But Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow might do. Not gonna kiss him though.

Oh, and maybe Orlando Bloom if he wears the elf ears.

Speaking of which, I should have included Liv Tyler, in elf ears, in my hit it list.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm sure you, I , ANYONE can come up with names all day long-. The trick is to find 10 you can live with, man!

Hmmm. I wouldn't mind living with my 10. Shit, I'd even share them with George and Heath!


Ray in New Orleans said...

Not that I'm all macho hetero or anything, but I have a hard time looking at a guy and thinking "I want me some o' that."

I would do a sweaty pig pile with Eva Green's two costars from The Dreamers, though, as long as Eva plays too.

Gregg P. said...

Two guys at once, Ray? Gaaaaay.


Ray in New Orleans said...

Yeah, yeah. Like I said, I'm not averse to the idea. I just look at a guy and think "...but not with him. Or him. Or him...."

Rich B. said...

My List:

Terri Hatcher
Hale Berry
Natalie Portman
The Bush Twins (count as one)
Tyra Banks
Keira Knightley
Melina Kanankaredes
Cameron Diaz
Salma Hayek
Kate Hudson

Desert Island Pick:
Bratt Pitt

Barbara MacRae said...

Hey Gregg, if you want to have a shot at Michelle Pfeifffeeerfer (sp?), we shop at the same grocery store. She's way too skinny for my taste, but I must say the woman does look good. And I see her in no makeup and a track suit. Whatever she's having injected, I wanna get me some o' that.

Karl Elvis said...

I could show you what she's getting injected. And how she's getting it. Here, let me demonstrate...

Gregg P. said...

Hey Barb, sweetie! Miss you, toots! Just checked your friends list on Orkut --- ummm, WHEN did Orkut become Braziliant Amateur Porn Central? I'm terribly confused.

As for Ms. Pfeiffer, she was my thang way back -- I think she was ASTONISHINGLY gorgeous in the Tequila Sunrise era. Truly beautiful.

Now, she looks very ... hard. Artifical. Injection molded. Beautiful, but more like a still life than real life, you know?

But, should you get the opportunity, PLEASE, could you or Karl (or both -- hey, I'm not selfish!) PLEASE fuck her and tell me all about it? And tell her your name is Gregg, too? I need some adventure in my life!

Simonique said...

Gregg, I so love Angela in Strange Days, she ROCKS!!! So fierce and so sexy. ;) Great list!