Saturday, February 12, 2005

Lame Ass Saturday

Man, this is turning out to be a shitty day.

Our original plan for today/tonight went as follows: Do 3-4 hours of freelance work in the morning to get it out of the way and earn some cash. Grab a nice leisurely workout at the gym in the mid-afternoon. Kids head over to Nana's for a sleepover sometime around 4-ish. We get a couple/few hours of chill-out time, then head out for dinner with two other couples at our favorite restaurant (Valentine's Day, doncha know) at 7:00, followed by us all heading back to our child-free home for as-late-as-we-can-handle drinks and goofin' around (of the fairly tame "Trivial Pursuit" variety). Then, late night hanky panky followed by sleeping in until 8:00 or so.

Man, that would have been nice.

Now, for the reality: One couple had to bail out yesterday. This morning, I woke up at 5:15 and couldn't get back to sleep. About 3 hours later I go up to check on Christine and she's running a 101 degree fever and is miserable. I've got to take care of the kids, so doing my freelance work is pretty much impossible, so I take a single phone call to get some questions answered and that's it. Now I get to try to cram 6 or 7 hours of freelancing in tomorrow and in the evenings next week, after work. I take the kids and go grab some breakfast at Chik-Fil-A, where I notice that my son is neither eating nor playing. We head home, he goes to lay down, takes a 2 hour nap, and wakes up with a 101 degree fever. So now he's all upset that he can't go to Nana's and is crying pretty much non-stop. My daughter is climbing the walls with boredom since we can't really go anywhere since her brother is sick and I can't drag him around, nor can I leave him with my wife because she's sick as a dog. Dinner has been canceled.

So tonight, I'm thinking it's gonna be me, a bottle of wine, a frozen pizza, a video, and my hand for a Valentine's Day date. This totally blows.

OK, my Mom just showed up. Gotta run to the store and grab supplies for the evening. More later if anything good happens.

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Ray in New Orleans said...

I think this is not what they meant by "Live Wrong", Gregg.

Gregg P. said...

I couldn't agree more. Now, if I could somehow manage to obtain some narcotics and a hooker or two to keep me company while the rest of the family is ailing upstairs, that would be wrong in many, many wonderful ways. Snicker.