Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Day: Whoopie


Day three here at Illness Central. Happily, the children both seem to be on the happy side of healthy, with Trevor's fever disappearing sometime last night. Christine, however, continues to run a 100-ish fever and is miserable. We are breaking down and hitting the after-hours clinic in an hour or so, just to make sure she doesn't have strep or anything else that requires antibiotics.

Valentine's gifts were candy and flowers for Christine from the kids and I, and a small toy and some candy from us to the kids. Seeing as my darlin' has been sick as a dog for the past 3 days, I got diddly-squat. I made sure that she got a large box of candy so I can raid it at will.


Of course, I'm starting to feel really run down, and I've got this weird feeling in my throat, like I've got a big wad of phlegm stuck way, way in back. And I'm really tired. So who knows, maybe she gave me something for Valentine's Day after all!

Caring for your sick family: This, too, is love. Kinda short on the whole candy/cherubs/roses/victoriana, but love nonetheless.

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Rachel said...

Caring for your sick family: This, too, is love.Yes. Yes it is. The real thing.

(Love your airplane/angel image too, btw.)

Gregg P. said...

Thanks! Happily, everyone is better now. And yeah -- the airplane/angel image has been floating around my mind ever since I wrote it. I think i need to work with it a bit -- might be something there....