Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Piggyback Ride!

OK, funny story I just wanted to get down before I forget.

Last night, I'm holed up in my bedroom at about 7:30, taking care of some freelance work I've picked up. Wonderful way to cap off an already too long work day. But anyhow.

Christine's just taken care of giving the kids a bath, and they're getting dressed for bed. Our two omnipresent poodles, Cinnamon and Scarlett, are darting about and ensuring they never leave the maximum 10 foot distance they allow from any particular member of the family. I swear, they remind me of that silly sci-fi movie that was out a few years ago, where the prisoners had to wear collars that would explode and blow their heads off if they got too far away from the prison perimeter. You'd think their little poodle noggins will pop right off if they aren't in the room with one of us at all times.

But I digress.

So, anyway, Christine has walked into the bedroom to talk to me about something or other when we suddenly hear Miranda laughing excitedly, and screaming "Oh Scarlett! What a nice dog!"

Then she comes running into the bedroom, smiling and laughing with that total abandon in that way that tends to disappear as soon as your age hits double-digits. I say "What's up, honey?"

"Daddy, you'll NEVER believe what Scarlett did!"

Christine and I shoot each other a quizzical glance, and then I say "OK, I'll bite, honey. What did Scarlett do?"

"She gave Cinnamon a piggyback ride!!! Cinnamon climbed right on her back and started bouncing up and down and Scarlett carried her all the way across the room!"

I swear, I laughed so hard I nearly swallowed my own tongue.

I was thinking about explaining the whole dominance behavior thing, and then it occurred to me that that would lead to "why do they do that at all?" which would lead to a sex talk (not a problem, really) which would then lead to "but they're both girls" which would lead to even more questions and perhaps a bit more of an in-depth discussion of sexuality and its many variants than I was up for last night.

Still, great moment. Can't wait 'til she's older so I can tell her boyfriend all about it. Mwahahahahahahahaha.

And yes, I'm pretty sure she's straight -- the kid is freakin' boy crazy and has been engaged 3 times already. And she's 6.


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Lee said...

LOL! So that's how people become one way or the other! ;-)

Watch out! Yer daughter is taking lessons from either JLo or Liz Taylor.

Anonymous said...

POODLES? Dyke poodles. You're killing me, man!

(Lemme send ya a real dog, hon. A real, honest-ta-Texas, Republican, Baptist, gun-toteing, non-gay dog.)


Gregg P. said...

Aww, c'mon -- Poodles are awesome. I never thought I'd like having them, but Christine is deathly allergic to pet dander and poodles, having hair instead of fur, have little to none. Plus, we got our first dogs when we were apartment dwellers back in North Carolina and there was a 20 lb. or less limit, so when we decided we REALLY wante d a dog we were forced into "small dog" territory.

So we got our first one, Raven (who died 4 years ago -- still heartbroken. Best. Dog. Ever.), and within about 15 minutes I realized that I LOVE small dogs. After being raised with German Shepherds and Labradors and Collies, I apparently really dig little, tiny dogs.

Plus, if you're gonna have poodles, lesbian poodles are the way to go. They're pretty much the canine equivalent of lipstip lesbians, and that's freakin' HOT.

Karl Elvis said...

Now see, my kids would have come in and said Daddy, I think the dogs are lesbians.

I'd have had to ask why, and theny'd describe the event.

My kids, as usual, know it all.