Monday, January 31, 2005

Off to Houston

Christine and the kids and I are off to Houston for a quick overnight vacation. Not sure what we're going to do today -- we were going to go the The Children's Museum of Houston, but it turns out it's closed Monday, so we might just have to wing it. The hotel has an indoor pool and hot tub, so if we can't find anything "significant" (a.k.a. "expensive") to do we'll just hang at the hotel, swim and play, and maybe go to Dave & Busters for some food/drinks/games. Tomorrow we're doing the Museum of Natural Sciences -- plantarium, butterfly habitat, rainforest exhibit, IMAX movie about the coral reefs, should be a blast. Once that's done, it's the long drive back home. Should be nice to get out of town for a couple of days.

Happy Monday, everyone.

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Ray in New Orleans said...

Dude, take the kids to NASA. It's not far.

The butterfly habitat is very very cool.

Gregg P. said...

Did NASA last time we did a Houston jaunt, back i August. Miranda had a space camp day, which was awesomely awesome. We'll be doing space camps for both of the kids this year -- it's a great day for them, and really not all that expensive.

Another thing we discovered last time was the Downtown Aquarium. It's right smack in the middle of Houston, so it's a really good stopover point on the way to NASA. What we did was headed out early in the AM (like 8 or 9) which got us to the aquarium about Noon or so. It's not too big, so it's something that can be wrapped up completely within about 3 hours, which got us to a hotel near NASA by 4-ish. Dinner, some swim time in the hotel pool, and bedtime fo rthe kids, followed by NASA first thing in the morning. Camp ends about 3-4, and we headed right out to return to Austin, which was the one mistake -- should have just hung out around NASA for dinner, since leaving at 4:30 or so planted us smack dab in South Houston during rush hour. Took FOREVER to get out of there!