Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A World of Meh / Bigfoot ... in My Backyard

I keep thinking "Hey, I should really blog something. that last entry was kind of a downer." Unfortunately, though, there's just not a lot to talk about this week. The weekend was pleasant if fairly uneventful: drinks with my faaaabulous friend Joan at Eddie V's early Friday evening, followed by late night cocktails over at Aaron and Vickie's (missed the Pampered Chef portion of the evening but bought a cool cutting board and drank several Jade Martinis, which were quite tasty). Saturday was mostly meandering about, then the kids went to mom's place for the night and we hit a movie (Hot Fuzz -- hysterically funny), ice cream, the bookstore, and late night drinks with Hoke and Pennie. And Sunday was grocery shopping, followed by matinee of a local junior-high production of High School Musical (the kids did a good job, although the sound production was horrible. Feedback City throughout) and capped off with a few hours of cooking (chicken and spinach cannelloni with a tomato cream sauce -- delicious). Really nothing else to report, there.

One happy note: after weeks of discomfort, the mysterious pain deep in my upper back and shoulder seemed to reach a crescendo last night, but has greatly improved today. I was just about to re-visit the doctor, or go see a chiropractor, or but morphine off the street, or something. But instead, it seems to have more or less righted itself, spontaneously. guess it was a Very pinched nerve after all. Still a bit sore and tight, and I get some twinges when I move Just. So. But still, much better today, so happy happy there.

On the Tang Soo Do front, training is pretty much on the normal track these days. Now that Master Riley's tournament has passed we're back to doing more curriculum-based classes, which is cool -- I really enjoy the more structured class time when things (like my job, ack) are less than structured and/or satisfying. Plus, my kicks have gotten rusty since wee haven't been practicing them, so it's good to be getting in more line drills again. I'm hoping for some targeted kicking practice soon -- really want to sharpen up my kicks now that my back and leg are both feeling better.

So yeah, not a lot to report. I did, however, get around to posting the short movie Miranda and I made for her advanced study project at school:

Lots of fun to make. Hopefully we'll be making more over the summer. I actually have some ideas for a few short films I'd like to put together -- just need to find the time to make them and coerce a few friends to assist. We shall see...

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Walt said...

Awesome video. When I was a kid, growing up in Kinderhook, NY, I was scared to death of Bigfoot. It was around that time that the Bigfoot movie came out and I would leave the room everytime the commercial for it came on. I swore that one night I saw Bigfoot in my backyard, something I'm still convinced of to this day. Anyway, years later, as an adult, I read a book about Bigfoot and was horrified to find out that in the Kinderhook area, there were many reported sightings of Bigfoot. For real. I'm glad I didn't know that Bigfoot was an actual concern in the area I grew up in or I don't know if I would have ever slept as a child.