Friday, May 18, 2007

And it's a wrap.

Well, my suspicions we're confirmed. Our development team is being relocated to West Kingston, RI as of 6/30. I, along with all of my co-workers, have been offered a pathetic relocation package or fairly meager severance. My new job search begins Monday. I look at it as a 6-week furlough during which I interview and search for the next good thing.

I'm not really in a good place. Not because of my job going away -- it's just a job, and I know I can find another one. I'm very good at what I do, and I'm fairly well networked. But it's the end of the last hopes I had that my decision to move to Austin and join a startup, six and a half years ago, would result in something other than a decent paying job. The brass ring on this ride has tunred out to be about 2 months of salary and a pat on the back. Best of all, I've gone full circle from being on the fast-track to a promotion and management training to being severed from the company in a total of about 9 weeks.

I'm reeling, to be honest. Maybe it's the margaritas from lunch. I'm at home -- kids will be back in a little while. Time for a nice hot bath, and some downtime.

So it goes.

Mood: Resolute, tired
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Walt said...

Yow, that sucks, Gregg. I was going to ask you what company it is you work for. There's a company based in Austin that's moving it's HQ to Albany and it's a tech company. But it doesn't look like it's yours. Here's hoping the job search is short and you find a place that will really appreciate you. And if not, I'll hurt someone for you. Or at least annoy them. A lot.

Gregg P. said...

Hey, thanks Walt. I'm going to be fine, I'm sure. I am lucky enough to have a lot of friends here in town, all of whom know I'm a good catch. The main thing I have to watch out for is the urge to jump at the first thing I see. As for what company I work for, I probably shouldn't be TOO open-kimono about that considering how down I am on them right now, and considering that my severance relies on my being a fairly decent little worker bee for the next 6 weeks.

On an utterly and completely unrelated topic, though, I can tell you that APC, based in West Kingston, RI, is a company that makes excellent uninterruptible power supplies. No relation to anything else we are discussing, of course.