Thursday, May 17, 2007

Well, THAT'S Ominous...

So. not long after I finished my last blog entry I received a meeting notice for tomorrow morning. Required attendance. My entire product line team. 10:30 tomorrow morning. Not so odd, really, except that the invitation came from... the HR director for our site. And the managers on site didn't know anything about it.


So, then we checked around with the other guys on site, a parallel development team that develops firmware and software and hardware for another of our product lines. They also have a required attendance, all hands meeting tomorrow morning. Called by HR. Same time. Different room.

Both meetings are called "status meetings," but again, none of our local management were informed of the meetings.

Hrrrm, again.

Well, I suppose this could conceivably be the answer to my "should I stay or should I go?" quandary. We shall see.

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