Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Party Recap

Saturday night's Halloween party was a resounding success. I'll be posting some pictures as soon as I get them developed, but here are a few memories and recollections of the evening:

  • Total attendance in the mid 60's - low 70's.
  • A LOT of beer (quite a bit still left, which is jusssssst fine with me).
  • A LOT of liquor (hardly ANY left, which is, well, a tad disappointing. But the guests sure enjoyed it!).
  • About 3/4 of the guests were in costume, and there were some darn good ones.
  • The party mix and trivia game was a total success. Whenever a movie clip would start people would go running to the speakers to get a better listen and then people were nearly climbing over each other to tag me to identify the clip and win the prize (scratch-off lottery tix). Austin Ray even won $50 on one of his, so that was totally cool.
  • The ghost hunt was unbelievably cute and enjoyed by all. Nearly two dozen kids, each with a small souvenir flashlight, running around my backyard in the dark searching for ghosts (lollipops) and pumpkins (little jack-o-lanterns filled with toys). From the porch, it looked like there was a swarm of fireflies drifting about in the darkness.
  • Tons of decor (each year, my house looks more and more haunted.... I think next year it will finally hit "total transformation") and tons of compliments.
  • A GREAT mix of people. Friends from work, from the neighborhood, from our church, and from online/Orkut meetings, all mingling. The party hit that perfect tipping point, where folks just drift from one group to another, striking up conversations and just having a blast. Met some great new friends, had a lot of fun with old friends, and just generally had a great night.
Quite simply, this was the best party I have ever thrown. A terrific success, without a single unpleasant moment. Well, there was that entire bottle of mead that shattered on the tile floor followed by 20 minutes of trying to get it all cleaned up, but otherwise the night was flawless. I might have to take a year off from throwing the party, just to continue to savor just how good this one was.

Gotta run. More later.

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