Saturday, October 30, 2004

Proud Daddy

Quick entry -- gotta head to a soccer game with my boy in about 10 minutes. But I had to get this moment down.

This morning, just for fun, we asked the kids which member of the Scooby Doo Gang they thought should be president. We don't really talk politics around the house if we can avoid it, but we thought it would be fun to see what they came up with. I suggested Velma, because she's so smart. Christine noted that Fred might work well, since he has a lot of charisma (and man, can that guy wear a scarf!). Miranda thought for a while, and then said "I don't know, but I got to vote for real the other day!"

Hmmm. Apparently they did a mock-election at school. So, Christine and I kind of eyed each other, and then said "well, ummm, who did you vote for?" And she said she wasn't sure, it was "the one at the bottom." And then she paused for a moment... and suddenly blurted out:

"I KNOW I didn't vote for George Bush! He's been president forever!"

So, we laughed. A lot. And I just looked at her and said, "No honey. I just seems that way."

Damn, I love my kids.

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