Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Some Halloween Night Pics

I don't have any pictures from the Halloween party, yet. For some reason, I didn't crack out the digital camera for the party, instead opting to purchase a few Halloween-themed disposable cameras and leave them around for folks to use or abuse at will. There're about 40 or so pictures waiting to be developed on those, so I'll get around to that soon.

However, here are a couple of pics of the kids in front of the graveyard, and a pic of me with them in costume for you to enjoy. We were dressed as a Ninja (Trevor), a Spider Witch (Miranda), and The Crocodile Hunter after being attacked viciously by animals (me -- I had a LOT more fake blood and whatnot for the party....). Christine didn't dress up for Halloween (she was a gypsy fortune teller in a clingy little number at the party though -- hubba hubba!) so no pics of her here.

Here are Miranda and Trevor in front of our front yard graveyard display. This year I built the spooky wrought-iron styled grates that go over the windows as well. Will be decorating them more next year.

Kids in front of the graveyard, part 2. Cute as a pair o' bugs, man.

Here I am with the kids. Crikey! In addition to the 2 small crocodiles and the snake, there was also a very large icky looking spider attached to my back. Got a ton of compliments for this costume, especially while trick-or-treating with the kids and when I stopped at the grocery store on Halloween night to pick up a few things. And altogether it only cost about $25.

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