Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Well, it looks as though my jobless slacker lifestyle will be coming to an end in the near future. I got an entirely reasonable offer (verbal -- will be receiving the offer in writing later this week) from one of the companies I've been interviewing with today, so I have a solid opportunity to return to the productive working world Real Soon Now. So, that whole "will I ever actually earn, you know, cash again?" stress has nicely vacated my life.

Only to be replaced with a whole other kind of stress, of course. The main obstacle right now is that I am still VERY much interested in The Other Company I've been interviewing with. The ones I've already spent the better part of 8 hours talking to. The one where I've sat and interviewed with, like, almost 20% of the company already. They have a far more interesting product set, and also have a much more energized and excited team. And their offices are attractive and well lit and aren't located in a hellishly overcrowded pit in a warehouse district. All in all, a far more attractive situation, and one which I sense has far more long-term opportunity, particularly given how well connected these folks are in the Austin tech community at-large.

So, I've got Company A's offer on hold, pending the hoped-for closure of my interviewing process with Company B within a week or so. So far everyone is being cool, and I've advised Company A that I'm currently wrapping up a series of interviews with another company and told Company B that I have an offer in hand but would prefer to work with them, so could we please get all the damn foreplay over with and get down to business already? I understand wanting to be sure that you've got the right candidate for a job you feel is important and significant, but come on, what else can I do? I'm not entirely sure what it is they are looking to find, here, but I hope we can get to that stage sometime before Company A starting getting pissed off about my keeping them waiting.

So yeah, now that I no longer am worrying about never getting paid again, I'm instead worried of either A) having to jump at a job I'm not overly excited about out of a sense of financial necessity and responsibility or B) waiting too long for the "exciting" prospect, only to have it evaporate and potentially damage or lose my current opportunity. Right now, there's no pressure -- everything is above board, and I can keep things in the slow lane until at least the end of next week. But soon, I'm gonna need to shit or get off the pot.

So, stress. Blah. Looks like class tonight will be dominated by lots of forms work, which is perfect. Exactly what I need.

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Martha Thomases said...

A bidding war! That's fab, sweetie.