Saturday, February 03, 2007

Angel Fire, NM: Day .5

OK, so the drive here was uneventful but quite lengthy. We made almost 500 miles yesterday before I decided to grab some shut-eye in Clovis, NM. Not exactly a scenic roundabout, I'll tell you. Anyway, horrid hotel room: At first way too cold, then INCREDIBLY hot. Rotten night's sleep as a result. And it was this fairly small room -- maybe 300 sq. ft. -- but it was packed with crap: 2 double beds, 2 chairs, a table, and end table a hutch, TV, microwave, and fridge. you could barely walk to the bathroom without busting a toe on something or other.

Anyway, hit the road y 9:00 this morning and made our way up to Angel Fire. The ride was beautiful, particularly the past 100 miles or so. Living in the mostly-flat-with-the-occasional-gentle-incline place that is central Texas for the past 6 years, I'd forgotten what mountains look like. And lots of snow. Beautiful.

The Angel Fire Resort is quite nice: a bit past it renovate-by date, perhaps, but not much. The room is spacious and well maintained, with a fireplace and all sorts of room for storage. The snow looks to be terrific -- light and fluffy, not wet and nasty, so my first real ski experience, tomorrow, looks to be ideal.

Otherwise, the day has been a hectic mess. Checking in, exploring the hotel, messing around in the snow, and then trying to get things on track for tomorrow, without success. Apparently it was a slow night at the gear shop so they closed early, thereby preventing me from picking up our skis and stuff tonight. Food options in the resort are minimalist, to say the least. So we decided to wander into the town of Angel Fire (just down the street) and managed to latch onto a stray dog that was dodging cars. Great dog -- Labrador Retriever bitch, nice white patch on her chest, and extremely friendly. I swear, it seems that wherever I go stray dogs find me. Anyway, I stood around in the cold with this dog for nearly 40 minutes waiting for a local cop to show up to take her to the local animal hospital, and finally she'd had enough, busted away from me, and ran off. I hope she's okay.

And now I'm just sort of hanging in the hotel lobby. No wireless in the rooms, so this is my only option for internet-based fun. Working my way through a Shiner Bock, and when that's done I'll be heading back upstairs to read myself down and prepare for the long first day of skiing, tomorrow. Wish me luck, and visualize me walking under my own power at the end of the day, if you would.

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