Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Angel Fire, NM: Day 4 (Headin' Home)

No update yesterday. Incredibly busy day (I skied with Miranda, Christine snow tubed with Trevor, and then we trekked on out to Red River, NM for some sightseeing and a delicious TexMex dinner before heading home) and halfway through the evening I began to get sick as a dog: sniffling, sneezing, running a fever, and just generally feeling like crap on the bottom of someone's shoe. All of which made today's 13.5-hour, 735 mile drive home a real joy. But we're home, and safe, and exhausted. I'll be posting a trip review tomorrow, but tonight I need to sleep.

Mood: Exhausted
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Anonymous said...

Hey Gregg! Hope you're feeling better! love, Toni