Monday, February 05, 2007

Angel Fire, NM: Day 2

Second Day. Drinking beer. Writing execise? Why not.

Great day. Sooooo tired. Good sleep. Ate cereal. Dropped kids. Ankle sore: Kinda worried. Bought tickets. Damn expensive! Lugged gear. Tired already. Took lift. 10,000 feet! Felt dizzy. Skied down. Fell thrice. Rode lift. Skied down. No falling! Felt proud. Rode lift. Skied Down. Different route. Shorter runs. More complicated. No falls! Seriously proud. Rode lift.
Lonnnng run. Legs wobbly. Knees achey. No falls! Lunch time. Stow gear. Change footwear. Cross street. Decent sandwich. Reasonably priced! Paid bill. Donned gear. Final run! Rode lift. Long run. Snow icy. Terrain rough. Temperatures warm. Bumpy bumpy. Knees screaming. Legs failing. Fell once. Reached bottom. Sighed contentedly. Remove gear. Retrieved children. Took pictures. So cute! Drank cocoa. Bought pictures. So cute! Jacuzzi time! Children invaded. Left dejectedly. Looonnnng shower. Dinner time! Mediocre food. Terribly expensive. Kids showered. Bedtime reading. Bourbon rocks. Shiner Bock.

Bed time. But tomorrow? More skiing? Horseback riding? Snow tubing? Maybe both? Who knows.

Good night.

Mood: Exhausted.
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Anonymous said...

Hey I loved the blog.

I figured you may also like my site on Jujitsu.

It's pretty new and I'm still working on it.

But I will check back and see if you added anything new soon.