Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Texas Classic: Follow-up

Quick wrap-up. Got home from the Texas Classic about 5 hours ago. In her age group (7 and under, white belts) Miranda earned the gold medal in hyungs, and tied for the bronze in sparring.

I did the same, in both my age group and rank class. I managed to earn the gold in forms, even though I competed with Pyong Ahn Cho Dan and three of my opponents competed with Chil Sung E Ro. This is highly unusual, and I am extraordinarily proud and pleased.

I am also extremely tired. I hardly slept at all last night, between the "stress dreams" and the insanely loud thunderstorm that tramped through here at 3:00 AM. I woke up from "eek, I'm having a crisis at the tourney" dreams at 1:00 and 2:15, then the thunderstorm woke me at 3:00, and I was awoken for the final time at 6:00. The last one was a hoot: I was at the tourney, preparing to compete in forms. The judge was Sergeant Apone from Aliens, cigar and all, and he was giving me a lot of static about being ready for my form. I looked down and suddenly realized that someone had stolen my orange belt and replaced it with a long strip of shiny orange paper, which was fraying at the ends like the tip of a New Year's Eve noise maker. I tried to explain that someone had taken my belt and he berated me for whining and blaming everyone else for MY mistake in that stereotypical drill-sergeant manner. Then, embarrassed at how silly I looked with my goofy, shredded belt, I started performing my form, only to realize that someone had strewn folding chairs all over the ring, and I was forced to try to navigate over/under/around them as I performed the form. I awoke, frustrated.

My god, that's just pathetic. I mean, it's so utterly transparent. Usually, when I have stress dreams, they're not so clearly about the thing I'm stressing about. You know the type: you arrive at class for an exam and realize you've never attended the class prior to that day. And you're naked, of course. And that just means you're stressed about work or something. But this one couldn't have been more thuddingly obvious. My unconscious mind really needs to get more inventive already.

Anyway, hooray Miranda and hooray me. Now, wine, King Kong, and sleep.

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