Monday, May 29, 2006

Note To Self/Square Pegs

Start with cocktails, then switch to beer: Not the other way around.

Had an impromptu "kick off the Summer with BBQ & Karaoke & Poker and Drinkin'" get together yesterday. After spending 3+ hours in the Texas sun, cooking veggies and bratwurst and sausages and hot dogs and hamburgers while drinking beer, I -- dehydrated, and with fairly little food in my belly -- swtiched to gin and tonics. Not wise -- I think I've decided to officially scratch G&T's off my list of "things I will drink at a party I am hosting." I love a good G&T, but I prefer them very strong (really just a splash of tonic and twist of lime to cut the gin). That's fine when you're having 1, but when you're hosting a party and it runs 6+ hours, 1 becomes 2 becomes 3 becomes far too many. And the strong drinks combined with the heat and the lack of food really took a toll. Didn't do anything to be ashamed of, but nothing to be proud of either. Meh.

So, ouchie head this morning but a great party otherwise. Interesting variety of folks -- some family, some work friends, some church friends, some neighborhood friends, and some dojang friends. All told, about 30 or so people. Lots of good chatter, lots of singin' karaoke, and lots of laughs. Sadly, no pictures were taken, but there was hardly a dull moment, that's for sure.

It was a really nice feeling, looking around and seeing the variety of folks we've managed to make friends with over the past few years. Sometimes, I feel very out of place here in the 'burbs. Both my wife and I can be a bit ... edgy, I suppose. Our humor tends to be of the abrasive/caustic/sarcastic variety, and I'm fairly certain we tend to be a bit more honest about what we think than many folks are comfortable with. We don't always exactly fit in real well, particularly out here in suburbia. It can be a bit lonely sometimes.

I'm certain that a lot of the folks we know socially (i.e. people with whom we are not close, but are friendly with) consider me the "token weird friend" -- the guy they describe to others as "nice guy, but ..." ("... but weird/but those tattoos/but the horror movies obsession/but the earrings/but the haircut/but the loud shirts/but... but... but..."). I know Chrisitne runs into a lot of the same issues, though she is far less obviously edgy than I am.

But yesterday I looked around and saw lots of folks who I just plain enjoy, people I like and even love, and who don't seem to mind us either. Grown up nerds, music junkies, martial arts enthusiasts, move buffs, trivia fans, video gamers, computer afficianados, what have you.

In other words, a lot of people who have almost certainly been referred to as "nice, but...". Probably more than once. Lots of square pegs, all in one place.

Felt like home.

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