Thursday, May 04, 2006

Shoulda Stayed in Bed Day

Man, it's been one of those days. One of those "I hate everyone" days where nothing, and I mean nothing is going right.

Not enough sleep last night, had to drop my dog Scarlett off at the vet for a tooth cleaning, then hit the gym for a rough workout this morning. Traffic all over the place on the way into work followed 3 more hours of editing Java properties files to try to get the capitalization in our product's interfaces to resemble some sort of standard (that brings this effort to nearly 20 hours of text file editing this week).

Then, after lunch, I find out the reason I haven't received my license plates for the Jeep yet is that the dealership screwed up and lost the paperwork, so I had to waste 2 hours driving all the way out to Georgetown so I could sit around reading a copy of Entertainment Weekly from January while they ran the Jeep to DMV to get the registration re-done.

Then, on my way back to the office I call Christine to see if we've heard how Scarlett is doing and it turns out the idiot vet screwed up and rolled her over while she still had an inflated trach tube in her throat. So they had just finished doing all sorts of x-rays and whatnot to make sure they hadn't, you know, ruptured her esophagus and they're "pretty sure" she's fine.

Arrgh. I can't wait to get to the dojang tonight. I need to channel this negative energy into some training and sparring time. Two days 'til the Texas Classic. My nerves are getting pretty frayed.

UPDATE -- Next Morning:

Went to train last night and, instead of relaxing and blowing off steam, I walked out of the dojang feeling even worse after I wound up hurting two people in the course of the hour. Both were accidental, and neither time did I do anything wrong or use too much force or anything (according both to my instructors and the people I managed to almost injure) but you'd have to be a total ass to not get upset with yourself when you drop an older woman to the ground and she cries out in pain because her recently injured back has given her a serious twinge as a result of your actions. Or when you feel someone's wrist pop, twice, when you twist it. That really made the whole day complete.

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