Monday, September 20, 2004

Things That Suck

1. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the movie, not the most excellent and wondrous comic). Awful. I want my 2 hours back.

2. My apparent inability to stop chewing the nail on my left pointer finger. I've been chomping on it compulsively for about 3 days, and it's looking pretty horrifying. Hurts a bunch, too! Course, I don't even realize I'm chewing on it until suddenly a brief jab of pain breaks my concentration and I go "Hey, that hurts! I shouldn't be doing that!"

3. Flaky Semi-Friends. Christine and I are currently trying to figure out just what went "wrong" with a couple of friends of hers/ours, that suddenly we are no longer speaking to each other, even though we used to go out to dinner, kids played together, they came to our Halloween party, and blah blah blah. Her husband and I weren't particularly compatible, but we could always chat amiably and the wives sure SEEMED to get along well. But whereas the women were getting together to hang out at least once or so times a week before the summer, as soon as school let out calls to try to set up plans went unanswered and now conversation is being avoided like the proverbial plague. I mean, this is really not the end of the world or anything -- the chick is a flake, and her husband is just fuckin' WEIRD (and not in an appealing, unique and quirky way. More in a discomfitting and schizo, medicated sort of way....), but still I'm just enough of a self-concious and insecure dork to sit here wondering ... Was it me? Did I do or say something? God, they don't think they're cooler than me or something, do they?

4. The Emmy's. God that sucked. Garry Shandling just doesn't work for me, at least in MC/Host capacity. His dominant quality (off-putting, uncomfortable-making, oily) worked amazingly well on the Lasrry Sanders Show specifically BECAUSE that was the joke: a host that makes people uncomfortable. As an MC of an awards program I thought he was 100% excruciating.

5. Any of the umpteen "surprise!" home remodeling/redesign shows (except for Monster House, which rocks). This shit is played out. Please take your annoying designers and quirky hosts and get the fuck out of Dodge. Trading Spaces, I'm talking to you.

6. Friday Night Kid's Soccer League Practices. Taking 4 year olds to soccer practice at 6:30 on a Friday night? Every Friday night? Until November? Who the fuck thought this was a good idea? And don't these coaches have ANYTHING resembling a life?

7. Saturday Morning Kid's Soccer League Games. See above, but at 9:00AM.

8. Having to choose between buying The Sims 2 and the Star Wars DVD Set, because there's just no way I can justify spending cash on both of them. This whole "not having any money to spend on fun shit" thing is really getting old.

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Kevin said...

Good call on #5.

I wrote a haiku about annoying designers (not just the tv kind):
Hello Prima Donna