Friday, September 24, 2004

It's no baloney. It ain't a pony.

Yup. My head is just ... empty. I keep trying to come up with something to scribble here, but all I get is bzzzz bzzzzzzzz bzzzz. Nothing.


I blame this. I mean, I've heard the damn thing before. It's horrfying, yet... mesmerizing. Anyway, someone was playing it here at work this morning, and ever since that damn song has been shoving anything remotely inteeligent or coherent out of my brain at every turn.

Now, this one was awesome. I even created a buddy icon for AIM from some screen captures of that one. But this latest little ditty (actually a sped up song originally by child song charlatan Raffi) is like a neural version of bamboo chutes under the fingernails. Must. Drive. It. Out.

Will be hanging with some of our friends tonight -- hopefully the copious amounts of wine and whatnot will dissolve the brain cells that contain this melody. PLEASE.

Mood: Bored.
Now Playing: "Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring...."


Lee said...

vheck out two sites - Betty Butterfield and Shirly Q Liquor. both can be found here:
ring ring ring ring banana phone....

Ray in New Orleans said...

It's made it down to central Austin. We tried plastic sheeting and duct tape but it got in through the ventilation system. The kids are already infected. Gina is cowering in the closet.

I won't let it get me. I've got cyanide capsules just in case. I made a flamethrower out of a bug sprayer and some Bacardi 151. I'm going up into the attic to see if I can flush it out.

"ring ring ring ring ring ring ring"

Oh God. It just cut the power. The neighbor's hotspot is still up but I don't have much battery power left.

"How could they cut the power? They're fucking animals!"

"banana phone!"

If you don't hear from me in the next 30 minutes, assume all is lost in the UT area, and head east towards Manor. DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE! It spreads by phone.

"boopedoopy do! boopedoopy do!"


Gregg P. said...

Yeah, it really is like some Flash Animation version of a deep-space-probe- falling-to-Earth-and-spreading-a-nasty-evil-virus-thingie-that-causes-the- dead-to-rise-from-the-grave-and-eat-the-flesh-of-the-living, isn't it?

It's ... just ... bad.