Thursday, July 03, 2008

Moving Forward, Standing Still

Deep breaths.

Remain calm.

This will all be over soon.

The prospective home owner came by with his boss (who is a civil engineer) and the buyer's agent to look over the foundation today and things went well. Thankfully, we seem to have been able to settle their concerns about the state of our house's foundation by burying them in copious amounts of paperwork, inspection reports, and warranty certificates. It appears that we are moving forward, and that they will finally be hitting us with a list of items they'd like to be addressed and/or corrected prior to closing.

Given that said closing is supposed to occur in exactly 18 days, and that there is a Federal holiday this weekend, after which we'll be on vacation for 8 days, this list cannot come soon enough. We want to have the chance to work with them to either fix issues or come up with a dollar amount we can kick to them at closing to make this all just go away, but we're awfully tight on time.

I think we'll be fine -- they seem reasonable, if typically skittish as first-time buyers tend to be. I get the impression that their agent is helping to keep their expectations for a "gently used 16 year old house" reasonable, so that's good. We've taken good care of this place, but of course there are repairs and improvements that should be made -- that's home ownership for you, especially when you're buying an older home at a good price. It's crazy to think that you're going to get a new-construction quality, move in ready place for the price per square foot they're paying. Regardless, while I want their first home buying experience to be a good and rewarding one, I'm not going to go broke ensuring they're happy. We'll hammer out something that meets at least half of each sides desires and then, hopefully, things will come to a nice conclusion.

This week has been one of those times when I truly thank God for finding Tang Soo Do. I've trained every night this week, and that 90 or so minutes each night has been the only part of my days (and nights for that matter, considering how little sleep I've been getting) where I managed to stop worrying and fretting over this damn process and just escape. While the stress levels have been extraordinary that time training has been a perfect break where I could get out of my head and just do something self-contained. So even though the worries tended to return within a few minutes of walking off the mat, that time spent not thinking about them made it so much easier to keep them under control when they returned.

Now, I wouldn't consider my performance this week all that great -- I've been unfocused, and a bit dense at times. But still -- the benefits were immense.

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