Thursday, April 20, 2006

Too Damn Quiet....

... and too busy to come up with a good post. So instead I'm going to do the classic "duh, I'm unable to blog" cop-out and point you to a cool test. Check out The 3 Variable Funny Test, and find out your humor style. Thanks to Lee for heads-up.

Pretty solid quiz -- my (very accurate, I'd say -- but reformatted, 'cause I hated the gi-normous graphic and crappy HTML font size choices) results are below....

The Cutting Edge
(66% dark, 42% spontaneous, 36% vulgar)

your humor style:

Your humor's mostly innocent and off-the-cuff, but somehow there's something slightly menacing about you. Part of your humor is making people a little uncomfortable, even if the things you say aren't themselves confrontational. You probably have a very dry delivery, or are seriously over-the-top.

Your type is the most likely to appreciate a good insult and/or broken bone and/or very very fat person dancing.

PEOPLE LIKE YOU: David Letterman - John Belushi

My test tracked 3 variables. How you compared to other people your age and gender:
  • You scored higher than 86% on darkness
  • You scored higher than 41% on spontaneity
  • You scored higher than 49% on vulgarity
At first I was a bit worried and concerned that my sense of humor is "darker" than 86% of the respondents. I mean, dark is fine, but darker than almost 9 out of 10 people? That's a bit unsettling.

But I quickly got over my concern when I was distracted by a starving hunchbacked kid with a cleft palate and Kreutzfeld-Jacob Disease on rubber crutches falling head-first down a flight of stairs. Now that's comedy.

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