Saturday, April 08, 2006

Lonnnnnnnng Day ...

... but it's gonna be a shorrrrrrrrt post.


Up at 7, out to a local taqueria for breakfast tacos at 8:15, return to the taqueria to have them replace the screwed up breakfast tacos with the correct ones at 8:45
, head to the dojang for training at 10:00, head to the HEB to pick up supplies for today's birthday party at 11:20, head to the gymnastics place for Trevor's birthday party at 12:30, head home from the (exhausting) birthday party and pick up my car at 3:00, head out to Georgetown at 3:30, test drive a Jeep Wrangler at 4:00, trade in my old Toyota Corolla for said Jeep and head home at 6:00, take the top off the Jeep and take the family out to dinner at 6:30, go shopping at Target at 8:15, head home and collapse (after putting the top back on the Jeep) at 9:30.

I love my Jeep. Pictures of the new addition posted soon.

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melanie said...

You know, I hadn't heard of a breakfast taco before being in Virginia.. then I had one at a place called Anita's and damn it was good!