Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Resting, Recovery

So, my left hamstring was feeling marginally better, so I decided to go to class last night just to see how it felt and to talk with Sa Bom Nim Nunan and the other students and instructors to get their opinion on how I should proceed. As it turned out, Sa Bom Nim wasn't feeling well yesterday and didn't come in to the dojang, but he passed along word to Mr. Pfaff for me: "Tell him to take it easy. He knows his stuff, he's ready for the test, so don't let him aggravate his injury."

Well, I decided to do the class anyhow, but I took it really easy and let Mr. Vasquez (who took the class for Sa Bom Nim last night) know that I'd be excusing myself from some portions of the class as my leg warranted. Seeing as he was running the class when I injured myself there was no explanation necessary. Mostly, the goal in taking part in last night's class was to get a feel for what portions of my performance are most affected by this injury, so that once I'm feeling better I can focus on these areas. The good news is that most of what I need to do for the test seems pretty solid, in spite of the injury. All my hand techniques are fine, although my balance in my front and back stances has been thrown off a bit by my weak leg. My hyungs feel solid, although Ki Cho Hyung Sam Bu was a bit shaky, mostly when I turn around from a front stance into a back stance. I don't anticipate these being a problem for very long.

My kicks, on the other hand, are less than great. Front kick I can manage fairly well with both legs, as long as I don't kick too hard when I use my right leg (balance issues) and by focusing primarily on form and using little or no power when kicking with my left leg. My round kick is so-so -- when I kick with my right leg the twisting motion puts a bit too much stress on my left leg, and when I kick with my left leg it feels wobbly and loose. But my side kicks -- both regular and cross-under -- are totally out the window right now. I can sort of do one with my left leg, but the twisting and stress on my weak leg to do a right foot kick felt way too risky and I decided not to try it at all.

So, now I am trying to take Sa Bom Nim's advice to "take it easy." I know he's right, of course. It's just easier said than done. I've become accustomed to working out in the morning before work (stretching and then running, weights, or practicing Tang Soo Do depending on my mood) 4 days a week and then attending Tang Soo Do training 3 nights and one morning each week, and while I know my body needs a break, it's hard to step back, even though I know I've been overtraining. I mean, the hamstring pull is clearly the main issue right now, but I've had pain in my back and neck, shoulders, knees, and ankles off and on for 2 months now. I'm not a kid. I clearly need a recovery period. And needless to say, had I taken one a few weeks back I might not be injured now.

So, I'm trying to just not sweat it. I need to remember that recovery is a part of training, not a break from training. I just need to focus my energy elsewhere for a week or so. Catch up on some reading (just picked up "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay" for myself, plus Miranda and I are working our way through the eleventh "Series of Unfortunate Events" book together). Work on my paper. Maybe try to memorize the hangul terms for the techniques I am going to be tested on. I will probably attend some classes, but will just observe rather than work out, just to keep myself in the proper mindset. And hopefully, by next Wednesday my leg will feel steady enough to get back to training for a couple of sessions before my test.

I mean, it's only 7-9 days off. How hard can that be?

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, Gregg, very interesting.

Gregg P. said...

Hark, who goes there? Mom? Michelle? Someone from NI, I see, but who?