Thursday, March 30, 2006

Events, Moods, Glimmers of Light

I've been trying to kickstart a journal entry for a couple of days, here, but so far no luck. Just don't seem to have the wehrewithal to pull together something coherent right now. The last few days I've been in a sort of unfocused state of mind: Kind of listless, kind of relaxed, kind of over-sensitive and self-reflective. Not a bad thing, overall, but not a state that is terribly conducive to getting a whole lot of stuff done, you know? I think it's just a sort of extended comedown from the tension I felt over the couple of weeks leading up to my gup test.

So anyhow, my first copuple of classes as an 8th gup have been highlighted by learnign a new hyung (Pyong Ahn Cho Dan) and by FINALLY getting the opportunity to break a real honest-to-goodness wooden board in class. The board break was actually a bit of an anti-climax. All bragging aside, it was just too damn easy. And apparently it was a pretty tough piece of wood, too: I had asked if I could try breaking it with a straight punching technique, but was told it was too dense and "sappy" a piece of pine and that would be too risky for a gup like me. So I had to make do with a hammer fist technique. One shot and the board split like nothing. Easy break. And I didn't even prep my hand properly -- it's bit sore from the hit, which just means my fist was loose and I wasn't flexing the muscles in the side of my hand properly at the moment of impact.

Should have tried for a foot technique. Maybe next time.


Otherwise, not much happeneing. Work rolls along at a mellow lope: I'm being underutilized right now due to the way our schedules have worked out. But later this year I'll be swamped, once the "big" projects have progressed enough for me to begin work on documenting them. Probably will be taking a work trip to St. Louis in a few weeks to meet with some members of my extended team and to get more familiar with some of the processes that are used by our New Overlords. Never been there, so that should be interesting at least.

Is it weird that the only thing I've thought of regarding this potential trip is "I hope it doesn't make me miss too many Tang Soo Do classes?" Ahh, the face of obsession, staring fixedly out from the looking glass.


On a happy note, it was really nice to see this news item this morning. A spark of light in an abyss, but light all the same.

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