Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Sometimes anti-climaxes are the best endings of all. After a brief 2-3 minute hold time I got through to iPod support this morning. After a brief conversation with the nice support person she informed me I'd been bumped to a high-priority queue, which means I was going to be taken care of by one of their 2nd level support chief types. So, after another fairly brief (5 minutes or so) hold time, I was on the phone with Mark.

I explained the situation, and Mark did some quick research (2-3 more minutes on hold) after which he said "obviously there's something going really wrong with the quality assurance on the refurbished models we're sending out, and we don't make the U2 model anymore so there are no new ones that I can easily send out. So how would you feel about an upgrade?"

I said "I'm listening...."

In short, he offered to replace my defective series of U2 iPods with a brand new upgraded one -- nice 30GB iPod Video model, as opposed to my 20GB U2 non-video model. Plus they come in black now, which is the main reason I wanted the U2 one in the first place. It should be on its way to me within a day or so -- I just need to get my defective one shipped later today and send him the tracking number.

So! Damn! Happy! It's nice to encounter a company that actually takes customer satisfaction this seriously. I'll be buying more Apple products in the future.

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