Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hornets! Hornets!

OK, something is ... amiss.

Three times in the past week, I've woken -- suddenly, and in a state of alarm -- from nightmares involving bee stings.

See, I'm at least a little bit -- nah, a LOT -- phobic about bees. It's not the pain of being stung: pain doesn't frighten me, really. Instead, it's something about their look, you know? Those weird, martial stripes and the fact that they'll sacrifice their own lives by ripping their own guts out in order to inflict pain on you.

They're just not like us, you know?

But yeah, on three separate nights this week I've woken from nightmares in which I was stung by a bee a) on my lip b) on my thumb and c) on my eye. In that order.

Typically these sorts of dreams accompany periods of extraordinary stress in my life. I'll have an otherwise placid dream experience -- cooking dinner in my kitchen, for example -- and then I open a drawer to get a spatula and OH LORD IT'S A BEE FLYING STRAIGHT AT ME!!!

But I don't feel stressed. Regardless, the rapid recurrence of this phenomena is obviously meaningful. I mean, typically I'd only have this sort of dream 3, maybe 4 times a year, tops.




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Rachel said...

Weird. I have spider dreams when I'm stressed. I think I've already woken up, and OMIGOD THERE'S A HUGE SPIDER IN MY BED. or beetle on the lamp, sometimes, or once it was Shelob in the laundry basket.
And yeah, sometimes when it happens I don't feel all that stressed, but later I realize that there was an enormous amount of stress going on that I just wasn't cluing in to.

Gregg P. said...

Heh -- yeah. Spiders freak me out, too, but not to the extent that bees do. Spiders give me the creeps, but bees and wasps (ESPECIALLY wasps -- black and cshiny and just plain mean. They're like ninjas, or some sort of alien technology. SO creepy) can send me running and screaming like a proverbial little girl.

And when you're 6'1"/215 lbs. that's quite a sight.

Scorpions freak me out, too, but fall somewhere between spiders and bees in the Gregg's-freak-o-meter. If scorpions someday, somehow, mutate and grow wings and attain the ability to fly, though, they'll be top of the freak-out pile. And I'll never leave the house again.

As for stress triggering these dreams, I thought on this a bit last night and realized that OF COURSE I'm under a lot of stress. It's just mostly the good sort, right now. Last week, between my morning gym routine and my nighttime and Saturday morning Tang Soo Do classes I worked out 9 times. I'm driving myself very hard right now and my body is mighty sore as a result. I sometimes forget that good stress is still stress....