Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cutting the Gordian Knot

I'm taking the vast majority of my blog offline, possibly for good. It might be a while before I post again.

Why? Well, I need to re-evaluate how much of myself I really want to share here. This blog started off as a semi-anonymous outlet ("semi-anonymous" in the sense that I didn't put too much immediately identifiable info about myself or my family in the posts, or go out of my way to let lots of people know it existed) for me to express opinions and work things through. This being the Internet, and people being the inquisitive little monkeys they are, it's not so anonymous anymore. As a result I spend half my "blogging" time self-censoring and suppressing myself. Therefore this blog -- as it currently exists -- has become worse than useless.

While I've enjoyed taking the opportunity to express myself on this and that, utlimately doing so without being able to either control my audience or maintain my anonymity has become a fairly constant source of frustration, and occasionally a source of outright anger. I do not need additional sources of frustration, and anger is an emotion I try -- with varying degrees of success -- to keep out of my life whenever possible.

The simplest solution is the Gordian Knot approach.

I've archived all of my own content, and may bring some of it back online when I've had time to sift through it and decide what I don't mind sharing with the world at large anymore. However, this blog will probably remain somewhat stagnant for a while. Feel free to drop me a line if there's something you've seen here that you'd like to see again.

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Karl Elvis said...

God do I understand what you're saying. When half of what I want to talk about is being read by people involved, I filter more than I say.

Ego won't let me go anon. Self-preservation won't let me tell all.

What's the number on that catch, again?

Circe said...

See, all of you guys seriously need new and covert blogs. I've been saying it to you guys forever: your half measures of blogging avail you nothing but frustration and anger. Your writing becomes an excercise in self-censorship and brochure, and while you are all excellent, clever writers and infinitely readable, your writing is like... Blog Lite.

Go underground. For the sake of your own souls. Ego, Karl? Build a new ego. Get somewhere that you all can write what you really mean, really feel, without having to hold back, flter every single thing you say. That must be maddening.

Oh, and tell me the urls... ;)

Mike said...

Or you find a subject you can crackplog about which can't get you into any (more) trouble since you already got kicked off your commission for daring to oppose something shitty to begin with.

Uh, or something.

Karl Elvis said...

Geez, C, you of all people know why anon doesn't work out for me. B^)

Circe said...

I swear ta god, Karl, next time I stumble (cough-stalk-cough) upon an anonymous site of yours, I'll be all cool and covert about it... instead of running screaming to others... ;)


Gregg P. said...

What, Circe? Karl has an anonymous site? Jeez, I really don't know Jack.

Karl Elvis said...

And then you went and deleted the files like I asked you. The ONE TIME you do what I tell you...