Wednesday, April 27, 2005


OK, so have y'all heard about the new Joss Whedon movie, Serenity? The one based on the most excellent, dearly departed, unfairly cancelled, and sorely missed TV show Firefly?

OK, l LOVED Firefly. Great show, bought the box set, watched it a bunch of times, spent lots of otherwise useful time feeling angry and betrayed as once again a terrific show went bye-bye WAY too soon, etc. I was thrilled to hear it was being made into a movie. The trailer was just released yesterday and it looks AMAZING. But the darn thing isn't being released into theaters until September 30th. What to do, what to do?

Well, turns out they're doing some very early screenings. In 10 cities, one time only, next Thursday at 10:00, and Austin is one of the lucky locales, AND I'VE GOT TWO TICKETS AND I'M GOING! YEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!


I'm a little excited.

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Karl Elvis said...

If I fly to Austin can I be your date? I'll put out. I'm a sure thing.