Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Bad Dogma! Bad!

Jeez, man, I just can't win. I think this blog may need to be officially renamed to something like "Gregg's Daily Tale o' Woe."

So, I'm heading to work this morning after spending an hour at the gym, stretching and soaking in a jacuzzi to try to get the muscle spasm in my damn back to relax a bit. Driving along the road, and all of a sudden the oncoming traffic slows and then stops. I look up ahead to see what's the what and I see this girl, young, maybe 17 or so, running after a small dog (shaggy thing, couldn't really tell the breed -- maybe one of those schnoodle things). She's on the opposite side of the road from me, running against the flow of traffic. The dog is managing to stay a good 5 or 6 feet ahead of her, darting in and out of the road. Traffic in the opposing lane has stopped, at least, but no one is bothering to get out of their cars to do anything.

So, I'm crawling along in my car at about 1 MPH, trying to decide what to do, when I see her trip and fall, flat on her face, along the side of the road. Well, that's it -- I need to do something. As luck would have it, there was a turn lane coming to an end right beside my car, so I scoot over into the turn lane, turn on my hazard lights, and hop out of the car. I jog a bit to catch up with her, get her attention, and tell her to just jog slow and I'll go around a few car lengths and get ahead of her so I can block her dog from running away.

Finally, someone in the opposing lane gets out of their car to help, and the two of us jump out in front of the dog, startling it and making it turn around, at which time the girl is able to scoop him up. So now the dog is wriggling in her arms, thrashing about, trying to get away. She's crying, and out of breath, totally freaked out, with a nice big scrape on her chin from the fall. So I try to help her contain the dog before he gets away again and ...

Ta-da. Little bastard bit my thumb. Two nice big rips, couple of smaller scrape points. Not too deep, luckily, but painful and annoying.

And to add insult to injury, as I'm walking with her to make sure she's OK and the dog has calmed down, I notice a guy standing in the road about 100 yards up. I say "Is that your house up there?" and she says "Yeah, that's my dad standing by the yard up there."


OK, folks -- if your daughter is chasing your dog down the side of a busy road with a 35MPH speed limit during rush hour and she trips and falls flat on her face in the gravel, what do you do? I gotta imagine that most folks wouldn't just stand there, watching. What an asshole.

So, on the plus side I like to think I got some extra special bonus karma out of the dog (dogma?) bite to supplement the good karma for doing a selfless good deed.

But still. Owww.

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evilsciencechick said...

you should have bitten the dad.

Ray in New Orleans said...

Seventeen? Look at it this way, in another year you can go back and collect your reward for gallantry.

Won't THAT piss off her dad.

melanie said...

Ray.. too funny.

little bugger, can't believe he bit you!

There is no way in hell my dad would let me chase after a dog down a busy road... but then most the time he forgets I'm 29 and not 12. ;)