Saturday, July 17, 2004

Twin Peaks Marathon: Hours 6-7, Taking a Break

Alright, so I finished out the last episode and decided to bail for an hour, get some air and some light and some dcent food. I mean, the grub at the Drafthouse is good as far as movie theater food goes, but I really had a hankering for some wings, and their wings are itty bitty things that haven't got a lick of heat to 'em.

So, as soon as there was a brief intemission, which was to preceed a Q&A session with Kimmy Robertson and Phoebe Augustine (who we are sitting directly behind -- I'll get a pic of them later), I took a hike. I'm currently sitting in BW3 on Sixth St., nursing my second Bass ale and letting a dozen blazin' hot wings settle into place somwhere in my large intestine.

Man, this free wireless access is awesome.

Also grabbing some juice from a wall socket -- hopefully once things settle down at the Drafthouse later I'll beable to persuade a waiter to let me into an office to juice up. We'll see.

Anyway, more later.

Mood: Satiated, with a gentle burning moving in a southerly direction...
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