Sunday, July 18, 2004

TP Marathon: It Has Happened... Again.

Hey. OK, it's getting pretty fuckin' late. Just finished up with the "Aha! It's Leland!" episode. I'm 2 episodes from my personal goal for the night (making it to Leland's death, because it is SERIOUSLY downhill from there).

Man, it's been a long while since I've watched the death of Madeline Ferguson sequence, and it still astonishes me. It's easily among the most brutal and disturbing sequences I can recall in media at large, let alone TV. Brutal, terrifying, and deeply unsettling stuff.

I'm signing off for the night -- almost out of juice, both battery-wise and otherwise. I'll do a wrapup once I've gotten some sleep.

Mood: Getting REALLY Tired
Now Playing: Ummmm. The next episode.... Jeez.


Lee said...

SHIT! I just saw you signing off on AIM! Sorry I missed you

Karl Elvis said...


This whole thing is seriously disturbed.

I like that.

Gregg P. said...

Lee -- Sorry I missed you! The whole "lack of power" thing reall fucked up the IM concept. Very annoying, and something I will ensure doesn't impact my next "chronicling" effort. Thanks for checking in on me during my little endeavor, tho! It was a total blast.

Karl -- Exactly. Part of being "me" (i.e. my life, my job, the people I work with or associate with, extended-family wise, for a lot of the time I'm awake during the course of given year) tends to require that I keep some of my wilder, less "typical" (a.k.a. "normal") tendencies and traits, well... if not completely under wraps, then at least on what sometimes feels like an uncomfortably short leash.

As result, I've found that more concentrated doses of odd tend to balance things out nicely. It's all time management on some level. It's the main reason I've attended Dragon*Con every year for so long -- I'm not a trekkie, don't particularly care about fantasy fiction otuside of having enjoyed quite a bit of it in my time, and while I truly enjoy rubbing elbows with comic book folk from time to time, it's not like the be-all-end-all for me.

Instead, it all about taking a vacation from everyday Gregg. Some folks live their selves day-to-day, while others keep them on a hangar and trot them out when the weather suits. I'd be the latter, I suppose.