Saturday, April 26, 2008

Texas Classic, Empty Handed

God, I feel lie I've been running a marathon and it's lasted ... ummm ... four weeks. Leaving for Vegas in the AM, for the last trade show of the Spring season (Interop -- we'll be in booth 702 if you happen to wander by...). And I have SO much left to do before I leave.

Just walked back in the door with the family after attending the 6th Annual Texas Tang Soo Do Classic -- Master Riley's tournie -- down in New Braunfels. Overall, it was a good day, although I came home empty handed this time. Not too surprising, and I'm not feeling robbed or anything like I did last year. Nope -- I just wasn't up to a good performance today. I didn't spar, because I simply couldn't risk injury the day before I head out for a trade show. Instead I just competed in forms, which I usually do pretty well in. But I stacked the deck against myself by trying to perform Chil Sung Sahm Rho.

My issues with Chil Sung forms are fairly well documented in this blog -- the slow pacing and relaxed nature of portions of these forms doesn't really play to my intense-and-powerful approach -- and each successive Chil Sung form I learn provides a greater degree of difficulty in my attempts to overcome these limitations. I could have just competed with Bassai, and I honestly think I would have knocked it clear out of the park had I done so. Bassai really allows me to show off my power, my intensity, and perhaps most of all my kicking abilities -- not to pat myself on the back too much, but all in all my kicks tend to be better than m ost other folks in my age group and division. But, I firmly believe in challenging myself, and when I compete I prefer to compete with the most recent form I've learned, regardless of whether I learned 3 weeks ago or 3 months ago.

So I know I set the bar a bit high for myself this time, and my failure to score a medal doesn't really sting too bad. What DOES sting, though, is that I messed up early in the form and had to ask permission to start again. That new, and I've never done that before. First time for everything, and I shouldn't be bothered too much by it. But it still digs at me a bit. I'm a perfectionist, and making a clear and simple error really bugs me.

I dunno, I shouldn't get too wound up. I know I've been spread very thin these past 2 months, and I could feel as this tournament approached that I simply wasn't as prepped as I wished I could be. But time is a luxury right now -- it's been tough enough to find the time to do my regular training, let alone to do extra tournament prep on the side. So, I just need to let myself off the hook for this one.

But I'll be damned if I won't use my disappointment to fuel the extra drive that I'll need to make this form something to see when it comes time for Nationals. 3 months -- it's gonna be something far more interesting by then.

Tang Soo, y'all. Maybe I'll poke my head in and post something from Vegas....

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