Monday, February 04, 2008

Mellow Monday

As planned, I took today off. And I mean OFF. Yesterday afternoon we hit the grocery store and bought supplies for our day "in." Then a couple of friends came over for an un-Superbowl get-together (just not a big football fan, although I'm pleased the Giants won) and I was in bed by midnight or so.

Then today, I:
  • Slept until 8:30
  • Made espresso (for me) and an iced latte (for Christine), as well as a pot of really tasty coffee
  • Watched Ratatouille with Miranda (man, I love that movie)
  • Played backgammon
  • Ate a delicious grilled cheddar cheese with turkey bacon on sourdough sandwich for lunch
  • Watched The Golden Compass (again with Miranda -- Trevor was perfectly content working with Lego's all day long and really didn't seem to want to be hanging with us)
  • Baked chocolate chip cookies from scratch
  • Played some Rock Band
  • Made a big pot of spaghetti sauce
  • Had a leisurely dinner
  • Set the kids up for nice long whirlpool baths with aromatherapy mint & ginger foaming stuff in the water
  • Got the kids in bed
Now Christine and I are going to finish off this lovely low-pressure day with an HD on Demand movie on our new TV (Spiderman 3 -- our expectations are very low, based on reviews, but we're just looking for something mindless and whiz-bang to watch on our HD set). The only time I even left the house today was to bring the garbage can and recycling bin in -- otherwise, I've been a perfectly happy shut-in for the entire day.

We all agreed that this is something we need to try to do at least once every couple of months. While I'm much happier keeping busy than having lots of time on my hands, we tend to run ourselves ragged with all of our activities and whatnot. A day off to just do whatever it is each of us wants to do, even if it's nothing more than staring at the TV or computer or just messing around in the kitchen, is the perfect antidote to some of the accumulated stress we put ourselves through.

Back to normal tomorrow but with, I think, a much brighter outlook.

Mood: Mellow
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