Friday, March 23, 2007

Random Lunchtime Thought

Went and had some Italian food (NYC pizzeria-style Italian, not "real" Italian) with a few friends for lunch today. While shaking grated cheese on to my pizza, I had a sudden flash of odd, but interesting, inspiration.

Wouldn't it be cool to create a collection seasoning and condiment dispensers/shakers that had bells or chimes built into them? So when you shook the item it made a little jingly sound? If you used good quality chimes -- like the ones used for high-quality tuned wind chimes -- all tuned to a single key but with different notes in the scale for each item, you would wind up with a sort of randomly generated musical performance as the room filled with people, with bursts of sound occurring sporadically as various courses were served. And you could select specific notes for specific seasonings: lower notes for pepper, higher notes for salt for example. If the kitchen noticed lots of high-pitched jingling they'd realize that maybe a touch more salt was in order. And the key that was selected for each collection could underscore something of the mood of the restaurant: a bright major key for energetic family-oriented places, perhaps something is a gentle minor key for a more romantic or understated ambiance.

Anyhow, just a thought.

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Walt said...

I don't think that was grated cheese you were putting on your pizza. You may have had a very mild acid trip.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Walt!

Seriously, Gregg, a very nifty idea. I'd buy such a product!

Love, Toni

Circe said...

But then my obsession with grated parmesan would become public knowledge...!!!