Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Off to Florida

My brother and I have decided to take a quick trip to Florida to make sure that things go smoothly with the disposition of our grandmother's estate. We'll be on a plane tomorrow morning, in Port St. Lucie, FL by tomorrow evening, and will hopefully get to meet with some folks who knew my grandmother then and on Friday, with an early Saturday morning return to Texas.

What's funny is that there's nothing in particular we have to be there for. There's no property that needs to be sorted through or sold, and other than a box of jewelry and her purse it appears that there are few personal effects to deal with. Her will contained a number of special gifts of cash to a number of relatives (grandchildren -- myself included -- and several nieces and nephews) and her friend Walt (an elderly man who lived next door who did a really terrific job of keeping an eye out for my grandmother's interests). The bank accounts appear to be the only real "money" assets, and the contents of the accounts is almost exactly as much as the total amount specified to be distributed as gifts, so unless some life insurance policies or other unexpected assets turn up the distribution of assets will be really simple as well.

But it just seems appropriate, respectful, to at least take the time to go there, to visit with a couple of the folks that knew her and to say thanks to some of the folks that helped her during her final days. Happily, the amount that she left my brother and I more than covers the travel expenses (with enough left over in my case to pay off a few bills, which is a really nice feeling). So really this will just be a few days away, meeting with attorneys, neighbors, friends, and careworkers to get a few memories and say a few "thank yous."

Seems like the right thing to do.

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Karl Elvis said...

Try to do something just for you while you're there, man. You deserve it. And send me your mailing address, I got something to send you.