Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Semi-Random Thoughts on "In America"

Rented and watched In America last night – wonderful, wonderful stuff. Spectacular acting by the entire cast, beautifully filmed and written by Jim Sheridan and his family. Heartbreaking, joyous, hopeful, deeply moving, with its heart fixed firmly to its sleeve. Modern Capra in the best sense of the word (as opposed to "Modern Capra in the worst sense of the word" as exemplified by the positively cringeworthy The Majestic…). Unabashedly sentimental without the slightest hint of mawkishness about it. Very, very strong recommendation.

While watching it, I had some thoughts float across the periphery. Here they are.

For all our country's problems – and we have a fuckload of 'em – I still believe we have hope and promise to spare. It was so invigorating to see a film that shows WHY so many people will do just about anything to get here, to live, to start again. There's so much vitriol directed at illegal immigrants by the talking heads in our society, but why can't they stop and feel some pride and charity instead? I mean, the things we have, the things we take for granted, are things that people elsewhere are sometimes willing to risk imprisonment or even death for. C'mon folks, don't demonize the people who wants so desperately to come here – consider it noblesse oblige if you must.

I don't understand how any couple can survive the death of a child. No matter how much you love someone, I simply can't imagine looking into their face and seeing the face of your son or daughter lurking in their eyes, their lips, their cheekbones, their hair, floating in their face like a ghost in the mirror.

When a family member dies, does everyone else in the family always seek to blame themselves for the person's death? Even the children? That was certainly the case for me and my brother. More on this in another journal entry.

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