Sunday, May 02, 2004

The Day That Wound Up... Umm... Being?

OK, crap subject. Sorry about that.

Anyway, think I'll just complete the exercise from last night. Let's compare the predicted Sunday content with the factual occurrences as of 9:00-ish CST. Predictions in quotes:

"Decent night sleep, with far fewer carcinogenic dreams. Kicked out of bed when the kids get moving around 6:45 (after all I got to sleep in this morning, so fair is fair). Coffee, blessed coffee."

Pretty much accurate to this point -- peaceful slumber, and I got lucky and didn't get dragged downstairs until 7-fuckin'-30. It was BEAUTIFUL.

"Something not entirely irritating courtesy of Disney or one of their Daemonic Relations to keep the kids entertained and indoctrinated in American Culture (chortle). Breakfast -- eggs and turkey bacon. Flip through the paper."

Things kind of go off the rails, here, but in a good way. My son decided that he had no interest in TV at all (hurray! Music in the morning!) and that rather than traditional breakfast he would prefer... cold, leftover pizza. So he had 2 slices, and I had 3. It was like being in college again. Really great.

"Briefly consider going to church, then realize that there's no more Sunday school so what's the damn rush?"

So damn happy to report I was right! Bwahahaha...

"Then. Lift some heavy objects and run a few miles at the gym."

Gym at about 11:00. Lifted around 10,000 pounds (not all at once...) and ran 5.5 miles -- most I've run in a stretch since surgery 6 weeks ago. Happy to be back.

"Grocery shopping."


"Side trip to the video store or appease the marauding children. Back to the homestead."

Nope -- kids instead decided to pillage the extensive collection of DVDs we already own and check out the second Harry Potter film. We had held off on showing to them, as Miranda has a particularly active imagination and we were concerned about the nightmare potential. We'll see how that turns out...

"Mow the backyard (a.k.a. The Plains of Austin). Spray-paint the kids Disney Bookends (see Home Depot run, above)."

Check. Bookends came out GREAT -- black, white, and red.

"Play some Hoyle's Casino 2004 (we're doing Vegas in September, so I think this qualifies as research)."

Nope -- never got the chance. Still time before bed, though.

"Briefly consider cooking up a storm, then default to something simple because damn-it-it's-Sunday-and-I'm-beat."

Nailed that one -- dinner was going to be chicken fajitas and spanish rce. Somewhere around 5:00 this plan magically transformed into sandwiches while watching Chamber of Secrets.

"Pull the ripcord and begin the getting-ready-for-bed tango. Baths, playing about, reading, and good night."

No stories tonight -- Potter ran past 8:00, and we still needed to do the bath thing.

"Relax, jockey for some "Barry White time" (if you know what I mean, and I think you do), suffer through an episode of Alias (god I loathe that show. But Christine seems to enjoy is, and it's rather pretty, so whatever. That Jennifer Garner looks like a boy with boobies, though). Watch a TiVo'd episode of Deadwood (still catching up -- crude, good performances, well-written, not sure I'm gonna sign on for the long run)."

All this remains to be seen -- currently suffering through Alias. Barry White is in the CD player, but I'm not certain that Christine feels like pressing play. Deadwood remains a possibility, but I'm not sure I really feel like it.

"Slow sinking feeling (Oh shit, weekend over)."

I guarantee that moment is coming -- just haven't caught it yet.

So, all in all, my predictions were pretty dead-on. Almost like I've done Sundays before. It's uncanny, really. I should take this act on the road.

See you during the week.


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